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A Permanent Home For Your Business

快播视频 is a holding company that acquires and operates a group of leading service companies. Selling your business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. Owners and founders of services businesses trust 快播视频 to help them achieve their long-term goals and to steward their legacy. We are committed to acquiring and holding businesses indefinitely and empowering management teams with a proven playbook for growth.

We鈥檝e succeeded in guiding companies through the next stage of their growth. Our north star is our mission to be North America鈥檚 best home for businesses and their leaders. That means we empower employees and treat each deal as a unique opportunity to work with owners to support and grow businesses into perpetuity.

We believe the single greatest input to our operational success is our CEOs and we also believe in attributes over experience. 快播视频鈥檚 CEO program directly places MBA graduates at the helm of businesses we acquire in a variety of management roles and have seen these leaders grow into running our highest-performing businesses. We have the benefit of sharing best practices between the exceptional leadership teams across our portfolio.

We are committed to specific industries and all 快播视频 companies have access to the community platform that connects leaders across the entire portfolio. We believe that by connecting CEOs and other team members with their counterparts at other companies, everyone can learn and grow.

How We're Different

Investment Process

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Quick Decisions

We will quickly reach conclusions on opportunities and will be honest in our feedback. An introductory call to an offer can happen in a matter of weeks.

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We do what we say we will do.

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Efficient Close

Our committed capital allows us to close deals quickly without dragging out a long, painful process.

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Founder's Legacy

We help founders achieve their transaction goals and are committed to preserving your legacy and empowering your employees and management teams.

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Our Core Values

Here are the core values we live and work by. We take these values seriously and use them to inform our daily decisions.


We empower our leaders and teammates to take ownership of their domain. There is magic in trusting talented, high integrity leaders to make better, faster decisions.

Rolling Snowballs

We believe in the power of long runways and continuous improvement. When we invest in the right person and the right company, the result is uninterrupted, compound growth.


We are relentless. We set aspirational goals and pursue them with intensity.